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1.    SharePoint 2010 Adoption Kit - 

Microsoft released this site in June 2011 to provide a rich set of examples and content to engage and educate end users.  The site features 10 scenario focused webisodes, 10 how-to videos, 45 quick reference cards, 24 tips and tricks, and end user stories.   The content is packaged into a downloadable adoption kit.
Download individual components:
o    Email Template 
2a.    SharePoint Overview Training on Microsoft's Web Site
Every resource below is off the main landing page.  Called out are the ones that seem most useful to end users.
o    SharePoint Server Training - Main Landing Page
This site is our main landing page for SharePoint end user resources
o    SharePoint Help and How To - By Topic
This page groups all the SharePoint online help articles by topic and workload
2b.    SharePoint 2010 Overview Videos
Each of these short videos is a Microsoft presenter providing a screencast of the listed topic.
o    Video: Navigate a team site.
This video shows you how to navigate around a SharePoint 2010 team site to find content and resources.
o    Video: Navigate between SharePoint sites
This video shows you how to navigate around a SharePoint 2010 team site to find content and resources.
o    Video: Use tags and notes to share information with colleagues
This video shows you how to use tags and notes to track or share information, or to receive updates when colleagues find or update information.
o    Video: Display a custom view on a page
This video shows you how to create a column, create a public view that’s based on the new column, and then display that view in a Web Part on a page.
o    Video: Create personal views
This video explains how you can use views to organize and display the information in lists and libraries on SharePoint 2010 sites.
o    Video: Capture group knowledge in an enterprise wiki
This video provides an overview of the new enterprise wiki functionality in SharePoint Server 2010.
o    Video: Enabling versioning in a SharePoint library
Learn how to enable and configure versioning in a SharePoint library. See how other settings work, such as required check-out or required approval.
o    Video: View version history in a SharePoint library
Learn how to view version history in a SharePoint 2010 library, how to open a previous version, and how to compare that version with the current version
3.    Downloadable SharePoint Training Decks
These align to the self-paced courses on Microsoft's website (below).  They're free, downloadable PowerPoint decks in PowerPoint 2010 format, intended for a trainer to reuse.  You can customize them for group training or make them available to users to view on their desktops.
4.    Training Courses on Microsoft's Website
These are very simple courses designed to provide a quick orientation to the subject matter.  Each of these courses includes a short self-paced lesson, a test at the end of the lesson (tests are not scored, just a qui8ck self-test) and usually a Quick Reference Card summarizing the topics in the course.  
SharePoint Overview Courses
o    Make the switch to the new SharePoint 2010 user interface
In this course, you’ll learn what’s changed from the previous version of SharePoint, and get up to speed working with the new ribbon.
o    Share information in a central place
This course shows you some features in SharePoint Server 2010 that make it easy to share information. Learn how to find your way around SharePoint sites. The course also shows how to create and edit pages, and how to use blogs and wikis to share knowledge with team members.
o    Collaborate on documents and projects more efficiently
This course shows you some features in SharePoint Server 2010 that make it easy to manage projects and documents. Learn how to use calendars, work on documents simultaneously with other people, take documents offline using SharePoint Workspace, and manage projects.
o    Manage documents and content in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
Learn about the new and updated document management features in SharePoint Server 2010, including Document Sets, content ratings, Document IDs, support for digital assets, and metadata navigation.
o    Introduction to Web Content Management
This course provides an introduction to designing and authoring structured content pages on a publishing site.
o    My Sites: Connecting to people and information
This course will show you how to connect with people and information by using your My Site.
o    Introduction to Records Management and Compliance
This course introduces some of the new and improved Records Management and Compliance features in SharePoint Server 2010.
o    Quickly find the resources you need to get your job done
In this course, you’ll learn how SharePoint Server 2010 has been improved to help you quickly and easily find the documents you need to get your work done faster.
Working with SharePoint Lists
o    SharePoint lists I: An introduction
Lists are key to your SharePoint site. Teams use lists to gather, track and share information in a Web browser. Take this course to get the basics of lists.
o    SharePoint lists II: Create and work with different lists
This course shows you how to create lists, calendars, discussion boards. It also explains how to group items, and set e-mail alerts.
o    SharePoint lists III: Create a list based on a spreadsheet
Learn how turn your spreadsheet into a SharePoint list: Import a spreadsheet; clean up the list so it’s easy to use; create useful views for the new list.
o    SharePoint lists IV: Create a custom list
This course shows you how to create a custom list with special columns that you define.
o    SharePoint lists V: Techniques for managing large lists
Training course on managing large SharePoint lists. Learn how to deal with errors: “Exceeds the list view threshold” “Displaying the newest results below.”
o    SharePoint lists VI: Exciting ways to display your list data
Display list data using simple web parts, chart web parts, text filter web parts. Learn tips on how to set up chart web parts.
o    SharePoint lists VII: Handy tips and tricks
Learn general tips and tricks for SharePoint 2010 lists.
Working with SharePoint Pages and Wikis
o    SharePoint pages I: An introduction
Get an introduction to the concept of pages on a SharePoint 2010 team site. Learn what types of pages are changeable and how to begin editing content.
o    SharePoint pages II: Work with wiki pages
Learn how to create wiki pages on a team site, and work with editing tools to format text and layout, and insert links, media, and Web Parts.
Working with Document Libraries
o    SharePoint document libraries I: An introduction
Wondering how to use Word with SharePoint? Excel with SharePoint? How about PowerPoint and OneNote with SharePoint? Use a SharePoint document library.
o    SharePoint document libraries II: Organize and configure a library
Create folders and site columns for a SharePoint 2010 document library. Also, set up version history, and give permissions to people so that they can access...
5.    Microsoft Work Smart Guides
Microsoft IT created Work Smart productivity guides to provide our employees with scenario-based, best-use productivity aids on Microsoft products and technologies.  These are downloadable, customizable versions of Work Smart materials to use as samples and reusable templates that specifically address the scenarios and processes in your information worker environment.
o    All Work Smart Guides
There is a downloadable .ZIP of all the guides on this site.
o    Attached: SharePoint Guides
1. Collaborating with SharePoint Server 2010 - Get started on collaborating effectively with SharePoint sites and features.
2. Customizing SharePoint Sites  - Customize SharePoint sites with Web parts. Display libraries, documents, RSS feeds, and customize the left navigation menu (Quick Launch).
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